About us

Windsor’s been hosting Mellow Monday (MM) evenings for over 20 years: first and most famously at Windsor Arts Centre, then at The Trooper, the Fifield Inn, Windsor Racecourse Marina, The Copper Horse, The Red Lion and now we're looking for a new venue.

Much better than a Monday night on the telly, this weekly unplugged evening offers the ideal platform to try out new songs or stories, show off new techniques or just build performance confidence in front of an attentive audience.

“An undiscovered seam of raw gold talent.” Old Windsor resident.

“Great to find somewhere with no prejudice against banjos.” Retired professional

“Everyone made me feel very welcome.” Visitor from Scotland.

“I laughed until I cried!” ex-Windsor resident.

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Sometimes we pick a theme for a Monday evening. This can be a single word or an entire concept. If you're struggling for inspiration, or just want a hand to help you select what to perform, that's what the theme is for.

Any theme is completely optional. 

Sometimes we'll start an evening with one theme, and find that it changes into something else as we go.